MEDIA² is an acronym for Maximizing Experience & Developing Industry Awareness & Access.  It is a concise description of the T. Howard Foundation’s workforce development program targeting minority undergraduate and graduate students pursuing careers in the multimedia and entertainment industry. 

MEDIA² takes a comprehensive approach to addressing corporate diversity in the multimedia and entertainment industry through its four components:

Summer Internships – designed to prepare minority students  for entry-level employment in the multimedia and entertainment industry through hands-on paid internships where they develop tangible and marketable skills.

Career Awareness – outreach to universities to recruit interns and increase student awareness of the myriad of employment opportunities in the multimedia and entertainment industry.

Industry Awareness – outreach to executives and managers in the multimedia and entertainment industry to make them aware of diversity as good business practice and to secure host companies for T. Howard Foundation interns.

Professional Development – a pre-internship orientation to prepare students for internships, a post-internship debriefing to assess their performances, and on-going professional development opportunities including exclusive networking opportunities, access to an online job bulletin board, and other alumni activities. 

MEDIA² is unique because it links student awareness of career opportunities to diversity awareness among industry executives ensuring that student interest is met with an industry response in the form of opportunity. 

MEDIA² maximizes the internship experience for both the intern and the Host Company while developing the value of diversity within the industry, awareness of career opportunities among students, and access to opportunities.