Internship Program FAQs

I am currently a freshman. Can I apply for a media internship? 
Applicants must be at sophomore status or above at the time of application (24 credit hours or more by December 1). Check the eligibility page for other Internship Program requirements.
I am an international student or a student with work authorization. Can I apply for your program?
In 2013, we limited the Internship program to U.S. citizens and permanent residents because most of our partner companies no longer accept students with visas or work authorizations for internships.  
How do I apply for a T. Howard internship?
I was in the Final Talent Pool last year and would like to be considered for an internship again this year. What do I have to do to re-apply? 
Previous Final Talent Pool members and alumni must submit a re-admit application. This abbreviated application requires you to update your contact information, housing availability, one-page resume and unofficial transcript. You are not required to write an essay or short answer questions, nor are you required to send a new recommendation form. The deadline for re-admits is October 31.
Which academic majors can apply for T. Howard internships?
The Internship Program is open to ALL majors, as interns work in a variety of business functions across the media industry.
When are applications due?
The early deadline for applications is October 31. The final deadline is December 1, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. EST. 
Is there an application fee?
There is a non-refundable $25 application fee.
Is there a minimum GPA for T. Howard interns?
At the date of application, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale.
Who should I ask to complete a recommendation form? 
A person who can speak to your work ethic, such as a previous or current supervisor, advisor, coach or volunteer coordinator. Family or friends should not complete the recommendation form. 
Should my former supervisor (coach, advisor, etc.) submit a letter of recommendation?
After you submit your online application, THF staff will send a form directly to your recommender to complete. Your recommender should not prepare a letter outside of what we request.   
Your recommender should submit the form within 7 days of receiving it. It does not have to be submitted by the October 31 or December 1 deadlines. 
My college/university is not listed as a choice on the application form. What should I do?
If your college/university does not appear on the list of schools on the application, choose Online Schools, Argosy University and send an email to with your correct school name after you submit your application.
I am a transfer student. Do you need transcripts from both of my universities?
Yes. Please submit your most recent GPA and upload transcripts from both your previous and current universities.
What should I expect after I submit my application?
Once you submit your application, we will review the various components and give you a Phase I score. Those with qualifying scores will advance to Phase II: The Interview. All applicants will receive an email update on their application status 15 days after submission.
How can I find out the status of my application?
You can check your status using your application dashboard, available by logging into your online application
What makes a competitive candidate?
The T. Howard Foundation looks for students who are open-minded, eager to learn, mature, honest and flexible. These are important traits for not only our program but also characteristics our host companies look for in strong applicants. We use the application and interview processes to evaluate candidates for these traits.   
What are my options if I'm not currently eligible?
We suggest you consider our Talent Development Program
Are the internships with the T. Howard Foundation or a media company?
Internships are with companies operating within the media and entertainment industry, including leading cable, satellite, telecommunications and technology companies, publishers, advertising agencies and public relations firms. Participating companies partner with the T. Howard Foundation to select and host interns. View past companies.
Who are the T. Howard Foundation host companies?
Here is a list of the host companies the T. Howard Foundation partnered with during Summer 2018.

In which cities are T. Howard internships located?
Internships take place at host company sites across the country. The most common cities are New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Dallas and Philadelphia.  
Is housing provided during the internship?
Neither the T. Howard Foundation nor media host company partners are responsible for providing housing. You may refer to the Intern Housing Options guide as a reference as you search for summer housing.
Are T. Howard interns paid?
Summer internships through T. Howard are paid positions. Undergraduate summer interns earn a minimum of $10 per hour and graduate student summer interns receive a minimum of $12 per hour. 
What kind of support is provided to T. Howard interns during their internships?
The T. Howard Foundation is here for you throughout your placement at your host media partner. The Foundation will assign an experienced media industry professional to mentor you for the summer. In addition, the Foundation’s Internship Program staff is available for guidance and support. 
Does being in the Final Talent Pool guarantee an internship?
No, the T. Howard Foundation does not guarantee internship placement. Final intern selection is made by the media host companies.
Which companies will see my resume?
When one of the Foundation's media partners submits a request for an intern, THF staff cross references the request with the Final Talent Pool. If your profile and skills match the needs of the company’s request(s), your resume will be sent to that company for review and consideration. THF will notify you before your resume is sent and provide you with support during the company’s review process.
Can I select my internship host company?
We recommend that students do not limit themselves to only a few companies. We do our best during the placement process to consider you for positions and companies that interest you most, but we want students to be open to different internship opportunities.  
The T. Howard Foundation provides networking opportunities for its interns to meet professionals from different companies and build contacts that can help them secure an internship or full-time position at their company of choice.  
Please keep in mind that the T. Howard Foundation does not forward your resume to our host companies without your consent.  
Review the placement process for more information.  
Who decides if I get an internship?
Once a media company has your resume, company representatives will decide whether to contact you for an interview. 
What happens if I’m not selected for a T. Howard internship?
The T. Howard Foundation does not guarantee you internship placement. If you are not selected for a summer internship but are still enrolled in an accredited school at the close of summer, you may be considered for fall and spring internship opportunities. You are also eligible for THF's Talent Development Program if you were chosen for THF's Final Talent Pool and not selected for an internship. 
What is expected if I get the internship?
If a company selects you as an intern, you are expected to accept the placement and commit to that company. Start date, length of internship, weekly schedule and all other logistics are decided between you and the company. 
As a T. Howard Foundation intern, you are required to attend related T. Howard Foundation events, including Summer Intern Orientation.